COVID-19 Precautions

Our precious guests;

As ALERIA HOTELS family, we care about you and our staff regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, which has an impact all over the world. In this context, we would like to share with you the measures we have taken.

We have increased our preventive and detailed hygiene studies against COVID-19 risk in the areas of use of our guests and employees. Our hotel closely follows the practices and recommendations of national / international institutions and organizations on COVID-19 measures.


A social distance plan has been prepared for general usage areas.
Information and social distance markings were made regarding the rules to be followed in places where the guests could easily see them.
Hotel capacity has been rescheduled by preserving social distance rules. More than the capacity suitable for the plan will not be accepted.
The temperature of the guests will be measured with a non-contact thermometer at the entrance to the facility.
Guests will be welcomed with a disinfection mat and hand disinfection at the hotel entrances.
Personal protective equipment such as disposable masks and gloves will be provided upon request of the guests.
The guests will be informed of the places where they have been in the last 14 days and their chronic diseases, if any.
Fast entry procedures will be completed by following the social distance rules.
All general areas have been marked in accordance with social distance rules and all measures have been taken. Guests will be ensured to comply with the social distance rules. Guests who do not comply will be warned.
There are hand sanitizer or antiseptic in different places at the entrances of general usage areas and general guest toilets.
The fitness center will be purchased through the reservation system and will be open for use according to the number of people and the duration of use. After each use, the equipment will be cleaned with the hygiene material in accordance with the standards.
Hammam, sauna, spa units are put into use.
In the food and beverage areas, it is arranged 1.5 meters between the tables and 60 cm between the chairs side by side. The service personnel will serve by observing the distance rules during the service.
The open buffet practice will continue and a presentation will be made by the kitchen staff in charge.
In general usage areas, tea-coffee machines and water dispensers will be serviced by service personnel.
After each guest’s use of items such as dining tables, chairs, service materials, sugar, salt, spices, napkins, menus, hygienic cleaning will be done with alcohol-based products. Disposable sugar, salt, spices, napkins will be used.
Rooms, hand-contacted surfaces and equipment such as telephone, remote control, door-window handles will be cleaned with disinfectant products when the guest’s stay is over. Disposable guest amenities will be available in the rooms.
Room cleaning will be done by the staff wearing masks, using disposable gloves for each guest room.
The rooms will be ventilated frequently, and each guest exit will be disinfected with the 12-hour rule and new guest entrance will be provided.
The cleaning and hygiene of the pool water, pool and beach surroundings has been provided.
Chlorine level is kept between 1-3 ppm in outdoor pools and 1-1.5 ppm in indoor pools. Periodic measurements are followed.


Body temperatures of our employees are measured with non-contact thermometers at the entrance and exit of the facility.
Health checks will be made for our employees at regular intervals.
Our employees change their uniforms on a daily basis and undergo disinfection before starting work.
There are sufficient number of disinfection units in personnel working units.
Our staff working in all areas wear masks and disposable gloves.
Information on pandemic and hygiene issues are available in the public areas of personnel.
Our employees pay attention to the rules of social distance from the guests.